Wednesday, 12 March 2014


The first batch (or faction) of miniatures for a convention game set to debut in April. These are the Desperadoes. I've used a much stricter colour palette than I would normally use for Western miniatures, simply because the players aren't going to be very familiar with their gangs and need to be able to pick out  their miniatures at a glance.

These guys are painted in Confederate colours. The Lawmen will be painted in blacks, whites and greys (like the Earp brothers in Tombstone). The Outlaws will all have a bright red garment somewhere on their person (again, just like in Tombstone) while the Cowboys will feature various shades of denim and leather.


  1. Like how they turned out. Ride them cowboy!!!

  2. Thank you guys. I should have photographs of the other three factions up within a few days. I have family visiting right now, so it's a struggle to find the time to take photographs while the natural lighting is still decent.

  3. Hi - who is the manufacturer? Great figs.