Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lamenting the Camera

One of the many frustrating things about living 400 miles away from Caroline for the better part of two months has been my complete ineptitude when it comes to taking photographs. Time after time I've painted a miniature I've been really quite proud of, only to fail to capture all the levels of highlighting and detail. Yet Caroline manages it every time. First time.

 Well, she was a wedding photographer at one point, after all.

But cameras? They hate me.

They really hate me.

Every now and then I somehow manage to take nice clean photographs like this one:

But today, the camera hates me again. Let me explain:

I finished a Malifaux Avatar earlier today. I've been painting him for my good friend George to re-pay a favor he did me a while back.  He's been waiting patiently for this miniature since before Christmas, always telling me to "put your paying customers first, don't worry about me, you're just doing me a favor."

As a way of saying thanks to George for his patience, I sat down and painted this miniature to a far higher standard than I normally paint. I even used wet-blending techniques on the damn rocks! In the lead, It's a cracking looking miniature. One of my best in fact.

In the photograph, it's crap. Relatively so, anyway.

I've somehow managed to take a photograph that makes the crisp highlights look dirty and unclean. You can barely see the different layers of blending on the fur and on the rocks. Instead, the photograph just blurs the various layers into a horribly messy looking blob.

I wasn't even sure if I should bother posting these photographs, given that I'm so disappointed with them. But here they are anyway. Better quality photographs again from the beginning of next week. Caroline will be back on the job.


  1. I see what you mean mate, I hate taking pictures.

  2. Very nice pics and figures, I know exactly what you mean about taking photo's. I've got some Napoleonic Generals I want to sell, I've taken soooooo many photo's and they all look like my 5 year old painted the figures, aarrgghh!

  3. The Judge Dredds are my favorite out of anything you've done, hands down. Good shit, bro.

  4. My pics are always hit and miss so feel your pain. I also have to wait for the light to be right as well.

  5. It's very irritating. I think it's my lack of consistency when it comes to taking photographs that winds me up the most. If only I could work out why some come out better than others. I've tried varying the time of day, using the lighting rig, not using the lighting rig, different angles with the studio lights. Nothing
    I'm clueless. Simply clueless.