Saturday, 29 December 2012

Battle Report: Black Templars vs Chaos Space Marines

Back from Holiday and already it looks like January is going to be a busy (and therefore) a very happy month for Lead Legion. 

As I've been on my hols, I don't really have anything to post up (yet) miniatures wise, but I thought I'd share a video battle report of my recent game with fellow pod-caster Liam. Liam has been taking part in a challenge called 50 games in 50 weeks featuring video battle reports of his three main 40K armies at work. In this battle-report, he takes on my Chaos Space Marines.

I'm the babbling fool in the brown hoodie, by the way


  1. He could have lent you the mike!

  2. Good looking gaming fecker Brian and good gaming!

  3. I agree with Ray, closer to the mike would have been good but interesting looking game though. And I now know what you look like Brian.

    Have a great New Year!

  4. You're all lucky you didn't turn to stone!