Friday, 15 June 2012

French WWII and 40K Stormtroopers

Finally, we have some decent pictures (yes, my wife is back from her holidays). First up we have the French WWII Commission. I was asked to match the paint-job provided by a previous painting service as closely as possible. Here's the sample miniature I was sent to work from:

The sample miniature provided by the customer.

And again.
 And here's my efforts to match the painting style, painting recipe and basing techniques. Almost spot on really, with the small exception that I couldn't find quite the right shade of static grass (hmmm, I should have done a better job of blowing the loose static grass away before taking the photographs. Ah well.).
WWII French Machine Gun Teams.

WWII French Anti-Tank Gun
 And finally, here are some Storm Troopers for Warhammer 40,000.
Imperial Guard Stormtroopers
I should have enough done with regards to the Malefaux, Napoleonic and Blood Bowl figures that WIP pics of at least some of them will be up tomorrow.


  1. Nice, I thought for a second you were making 40k stormtroopers using WWI French, good quality painting, and yours match the sample pretty closely, are they 15mm or 28mm?

    1. Now there's an idea Dan! I might just try that! It would have to be GW Stormtroopers though, not your awesome 15mm Stormtroopers. These are 28mm Crusader miniatures, though the sample mini is a bit less chunky. Not sure who the manufacturer for the sample was.

  2. Those look great. Only difference I can see is the static grass and I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

  3. WWII french look good, too bad they weren't in the fight for long.

    1. I really enjoyed painting them too.

  4. I think you did a great job matching the others style, not an easy task at all!

    I have the French to do in the next few months as well but only the infantry


  5. Very nice. mate good job on matching someone else style, Its not something I could do TBH. Top Stuff storm troopers look great always have a soft spot for those figures anyway