Monday, 14 May 2012

Zombies, Tanks and a Troll

First up, we have the three test zombies from the Last Night on Earth boardgame. I painted these in a variety of flesh-tones, some with blood, some without and with various borders around the base to give the customer an idea of what can be done. Once I have his preferences, I hope to finish all the zombies in a few days and then start on the survivors.
Last Night on Earth test-paints.
Next up we have some Battletech tanks and APC's. Some of you will find these look familiar. They're from the same customer who placed the last Battletech order and have been painted to match. These represent about half the order. I'm working on the Battletech component of the order now as well.
Battletech Vehicles
Finally, the latest addition to the Salacious Throng Blood Bowl team. Groinchewer the Chaos Troll:
Blood Bowl Chaos Troll


  1. I like the Z figure on the right, the flesh looks just about right.

  2. I am with Ray on this. The zed on the right is pretty nice in the paint scheme.

    And the little lady troll is just looooovely!!!

  3. Troll looks ace! I like you decaying flesh tones as well

  4. Oh that Trolless must have Hypnotic Gaze for Male TrollFolk when they try to blitz her :-)