Monday, 2 April 2012

Traditional Monday "What Brian Painted on His Day Off" Shoot"

Well, to my great surprise the miniatures I'd been expecting to arrive in the post today didn't appear. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow. So instead of spending the afternoon prepping figures for commissions, I spent it taking care of admin work and sending out painted (and a few unpainted) miniatures that sold on Ebay over the weekend.

I did spend a little time this morning working on my Space Marines, but given that I spent several hours on my Sunday-off assembling some of the fiddliest miniatures I've ever bought (not the Space Marines) I wasn't able to make as much progress as I would have liked.

Anyway, here's a random work in progress shots of some Space Marines. Lot's of work still to do on these.


  1. As I know exactly what figures you're talking about, and as previously said, I have nearly launched out the window of my top floor tenement flat in frustration. The same has been said for Infinity figures as well.

    Work in progress figures are looking good so they are.

  2. Thanks. These are just the first four I grabbed off my painting table. I've got loads more on the go just now as well.

  3. I like the color choices of those SMs. It's frustrating when an order doesn't come in. I waited nearly a month for an order from a store in the next state, and while waiting I got 3 orders from the UK which were made after the local one. :)