Friday, 20 April 2012

Battletech Commission Final Photos

Here are the final photographs of the Battletech Commission. We have two pictures, the generic OPFOR group of an Atlas, some Hovertanks and Infantry and a friendly force for the Player Characters. The hippy-themed Mech is a special request from the customer. The ochre-uniformed infantry were the ninth infantry base. They've been painted in third-party colours for use in scenario's that require neutral or allied troops to be present.

These miniatures were an absolute pleasure to paint, the one caveat being the difficulties in cleaning the infantry of flash. Those limbs are needle thin while the metal itself is hard, inflexible and thus very brittle (just like Heavy gear miniatures in fact. I wonder if it's something to do with Canadian legislation?). When cleaning, I was sometimes forced to choose between removing a piece of flash entirely (and therefore running the risk of snapping an infantryman in two) or leaving a tiny stub and trying to hide it with the painting. You'd need to look very closely to see any such mould-lines now, but it irks me that I had to paint them out rather than trim them off.


  1. Flash on 15 mm infantry will always be a pain. That and mold lines. I have an army in FOW and now going for scifi.

    These relly look good! I like the white and blue look.

  2. Thanks Lord Siwoc, but those are 6mm infantry so the flash is even worse.

  3. lol good old epic size :D Cracking work though

  4. Looking really good there mate, and liking the flower power mech