Saturday, 24 March 2012

Work in Process: Heavy Gear Army & 28mm Terrain.

I haven't posted any painted miniatures for a few days, so some folks have been wondering what I've been up too. The simple answer is that I took advantage of a few days between commissions to work on some terrain -which is almost, but not quite finished. Yesterday, however, I started work on am Eastern Emirates Army for Heavy Gear.

 WIP Heavy Gear Army:
This particular Emir has close ties with the Mekon Dominion, hence his "army" has something of a police motif going on. The 750 point list consists of just 12 Gears - 8 Jaegers, 3 Spitting Cobras and a Black Mamba, organised into two GP sections and a Fire Support section. I've only just finished applying the first ink wash, so there's no point showing you the whole force just yet. Instead, here's a WIP photo of a Spitting Cobra.

Work in Progress Heavy Gear Spitting Cobra

WIP Terrain:
I've also been working on expanding the studio's collection of Post Apocalypse terrain. Again, these are mostly half-finished pieces. I made about a half-dozen of these CD-based wall sections a month or so ago, but I've been too busy to do much work on them until now. This one is closest to completion. Once it's had some graffiti and a bit of a re-paint where bits of gravel have fallen off the base, it'll be good to go. The pink kitchen wall complete with rusty fridge-freezer (refrigerator) is my favourite of the bunch.
The worn paint affect was achieved by painting over foam-card lubricated with some wax.

Again, I used a little wax on the foam card to help get the streak effect just right.
Next up we have a fountain made from a Gale Force nine plastic container. This is the bottom part. The lid is being turned into a children's paddling pool. This terrain piece has a long way to go before completion. When finished, it will bear the inscription "Dulce et decorum est pro patria morti". The WWII infantryman is not fixed in place. I intend to make up a number of "statues" from various periods that can be swapped out to make this a multi-use terrain piece. I'm debating whether to use water effect to fill the fountain with water or else leave it decrepit, broken and empty.
This fountain has a long way to go yet.
 I've also been busily basing some remarkably cheap trees I picked up from my local store. I like the brown leaves because they suggest decay -something that fits quite well with the theme of a Post-Apoc table.The "leaves" are falling off as fast as the real thing in Autumn but that's okay. When the tree's start getting too bare, I'll strip off the remaining leaves and use the bare trunks instead. A lot of folks don't like individually based trees but I do. It makes them easier to move to fit large regiments of troops into a wooded area. I don't expect to have that problem in PA games, but I DO favour true line of sight in skirmish gaming. After all, if one mini represents just one guy, one or two trees shouldn't represent a whole forest.

Finally, here we have a Games Workshop modular hill.Ordinarily, I wouldn't have bought this, as you can buy a ready-flocked, ready-painted hill of similar quality much cheaper elsewhere. However, for my purposes, buying an un-flocked, un-painted hill was preferable. I didn't have to scrape flock of the hill to make it barren. I simply undercoated it and dry-brushed it. Ten minutes later, I had a great-looking hill for Post Apocalypse gaming.


  1. Some great looking stuff there mate, especially liking your Spitting Cobra. Looking forward to getting some games of Heavy Gear against you in the future.

  2. Very nice. I like the rusty fridge a lot.

  3. Thank you guys.

    @Lucky Joe: It was really easy to do. Vellajo Model Colour Silver Grey over a black base coat using an overloaded brush to give streaks. Then a thorough saoking in Badab Black Ink while the base coat was still wet.
    MIG light rust effects to finish. Once the ink and paint had dried.