Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ramshackle Games Miniatures and Review

Well, despite my best intentions, I didn't paint anything for myself on my Sunday-off. Instead, having been put into a Blood Bowl mood by painting that Dwarf team for a customer, I spent my time trying out new plays on the Blood Bowl PC game.

That meant no photo's yesterday and, as Monday was spent working on a unit of Saxons (which still have a long way to go before justifying a photo or WIP shot) and prepping some 15mm cavalry, that almost meant no photo today either. Fortunately, just before bed-time I realised that I still had some 28mm Ramshackle games miniatures prepped and ready to paint. So I sat down to work and here they are.

One of the things I love most about Ramshackle Games is their design philosophy. Not only do they realise that (sometimes) less is more, each and every figure has bags of character and originality. Even though Ramshackle mini's can be (and often are) accused of a lack of detail, the sculptors manage to fit much much individuality and personality into a single resin figure than certain other companies manage with figures loaded down with gear, pouches, grenades and other nik-naks. Best of all, this means that Ramshackle mini's are incredibly fast and easy to paint. This entire set of three individual miniatures, using a relatively small palette of colours, took me a grand total of 37 minutes to paint. That's right, 37 minutes of actual painting time. Not including the ten minute break for cofee while waiting for the ink washes to dry. Looking at the pictures, I'll probably go back and add another level of highlights to the red. That'll add, what, another two minutes to the total painting time? 39 minutes for three 28mm figures is still damn good.

If you ask me, these little beauties look pretty good for a set of speed paints.

 I love this particular piece. Although it's designed for Post Apocalypse play, I can readily see myself bringing this piece out for Pulp, Sword and Sorcery and Vanilla Fantasy games as well. Even 40K! It makes for a great objective marker in rescue-themed scenarios.

I chose the traditional Hollywood starlet look, with light skin and a white dress. I went for Black hair  because, frankly, a dark-haired beauty has more utility than a blonde or red-head.

 I love this figure. Even from the back, there's no mistaking that this creature isn't human, what with it's unnaturally slim build. I painted this creature from the outer dark in a red cloak for post-apocalyptic gaming. Some cultist or demonologists has obviously summoned this creature for a dark purpose and wrapped it with an old, velvet curtain to hide it's insanity-warping form from casual view.

Lastly, we have a mutant lady of the night. Peggy here is resting atop a tombstone. Like the other female figure of these three, I intend on using her as an objective marker rather than an actual playing piece.

She'll represent the "informant" in the various VIP or Contact scenarios I intend to run in the next few weeks.

Now, back to the review: Ramshackle Games have excellent quality control. I've never seen a badly moulded resin figure from this company, although I can't comment on their metal figures as I've never seen any in person. This is borne out by the "mis-casts" box I ordered from Ramshackle recently. Intending to make lots more Post Apocalyptic scenery from random bits and pieces. 15 pounds for 1.5 kilos of resin (that's a LOT of resin) including P&P. I had to look very hard at many of those mis-casts to work out why they had been discarded. Most of those miscasts had less flash and air bubbling on them than resin miniatures I or my customers have purchased from big name companies. I'm thinking of big names like Forged in Battle, Flames of War and even Forge World.

Customer service is great as well. When the first batch was lost in the post, Ramshackle sent out a new box immediately and waved away my offer to pay for the second batch so I can tell you that their customer service is pretty good too. And in case you're wondering, no, I didn't tell them I was planning on doing a review until AFTER the box arrived. That being said, I've sometimes had to wait as long as ten days for my miniature order in the past, but that's both acceptable and understandable where smaller miniature companies are concerned. I've had to wait much, much longer with many larger firms.

So all in all, I look upon Ramshackle Games and their products with great favour. If you like characterful, easy to paint Post Apocalyptic miniatures, you can't go wrong with taking a look at Ramshackle.


  1. That lady may have three legs, but in the irradiated future that is post-apoc she could definitely get it.

  2. I love unusual figures, character figures even if they have no use to me at that time but you never know when you will be able to use them...nice work mate.

  3. good work b, haven't heard of ramshakle before certainly different figures.

  4. Great for post Apoc stuff. I've seen plenty of there so-called miscast on many a forums and they seem to be a bargain.

    Nice paintjobs.

  5. Wow, 39 minutes to paint these? You're amazing. I like the first lady best, but all 3 are very nice. I will have to check Ramshackle out.

  6. Thank you very much guys. Ramshackle mini's are a particular favorite of mine.

    @Lucky Joe: Thanks Lucky Joe, but there really wasn't much to it. The stone and terrain were dry-brushed. All the other parts of the model were shaded with washes before being given one or two layers of highlight. It's all the fiddly bits -pouches, belt buckles, weapons, backpacks, jewellery- that take the longest to paint. Strip those away and a model with one-colour clothing takes almost no time at all.

  7. I am very fond of the products from Ramshackle games. I may be a bit biased due to the fact I know the guy behind it! He kindly let me crash at his place while I was visiting Nottingham for a weekend of gaming.

    And yes, he is quite a nice guy. Support him and expand your terrain and bits box! Minis are great and as you say, they all have character!

  8. Nice work. Those are some nice sculpts - they have that Old School flavor...

  9. This is Curtis from Ramshackle Games. Nice review and fun paint jobs. Hi Siwoc!