Thursday, 1 March 2012

Huscarls, Wastelanders and 15mm Hover cars

Still have a whole batch of vehicles to work on, but the eight D.A.K Panzers now have a proper base coat and should be finished by tomorrow. Saturday at the very latest. Meantime, I've managed to finish the Anglo-Danish Huscarls by snatching a few moments while waiting for airbrushed vehicles to dry on the spray wheel.
Actually, I say they're done but their not quite finished. I need to go over the base rims with another coat of paint once the glue for the static grass has had a chance to dry.

That brings the total number of painted figures for the Saga warband up to 12. So just 24 more to go before the whole warband is ready. I have another order arriving tomorrow  which I'm very excited about: a female dwarf Bloodbowl team from Warlord games. It's a cracking set of figures which should be great fun to paint. The Saga warband will be taking back-seat again until the  Bloodbowl team is finished. Commisioned work takes precedence over miniatures destined for e-bay or convention sales.

I have finished off some of the airbrushed vehicles however. These 15mm civilian vehicles from the old Laserburn range available at took about five minutes each after the airbrushing paint dried. I really like these mini's. There just aren't enough 15mm civilian vehicles on the market right now, although I hear a few other companies plan on releasing some soon.

Finally, we have two more 28mm Post Apocalypse figures. These mini's have been sitting on my desk for about a week now, getting a new colour or layer of shading applied every now and then while I've been waiting for other miniatures to dry. Actual painting time over the course of the last week: about an hour each.


  1. Great painting, the Vikings look very nice!

  2. Lovely work, same here with other pieces getting a look in while others dry or set....

  3. Thanks Ray.

    @ Fran: Aha! That's your secret! I always wondered how you managed to fit in a full-time job with painting so many miniatures for your collection.

  4. Looking good mate. The former Goliath ganger especially, as I never really liked them but he's come out well.

  5. Great stuff here. My favorite is the last guy with the shotgun.

  6. He has a full time job...But gets Ray (his slave) to do most of it!!

    Looking very nice. I really like the hover cars!