Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Human Blood Bowl Team

I present the Stirland Dockers. As you can see from their photo's, they're quite a departure from the female dwarf bloodbowl team I painted the other week. I've gone for a fairly flat colour scheme in the traditional colours of the Imperial province of Stirland from the Warhammer background. There were two reasons for this; firstly, because the lighting conditions in the hall where most of this team's games will be played drowns-out fine highlights and favours the look of fairly flat colours. Secondly, because of the gore. Bloodstains and weathering and armour chipping seem to come out looking a lot better against relatively flat colour schemes than they do with brighter, cleaner colours.

Not that clean, bright colours would be very appropriate for a human team from the Stirland.

It's easy to over-do gore, but I think I have the balance about right here. The players who aren't really supposed to be in the thick of the scrimmage (Catchers and Throwers) have almost no gore and very little chipping in comparison to the rest of the team. Although I've painted various facial details such as teeth and tongues, in accordance with the wishes of the owner, I haven't painted in the eyes.

As often happens, there wasn't time to put a final, tidy-up coat on the base-rims that this morning before my lovely assistant and photographer (that's the missus, by the way) had to leave for work.

Players 1 to 6: Throwers and Blitzers
Players 7 to 10: Catchers. One of them reminds me of Ray...
Players 11 to 16: The dauntless lineman. My favourite is Heinrich the Headbutter.
As mentioned yesterday, these laddies took just one and half days to paint, base, and varnish. Even taking into account the head start I had because they arrived already (mostly) base-coated, that's still fairly good time. I'm quite happy with the results.


  1. Those look amazing. Great job!

  2. They're a lovely looking team of degenerates....

  3. Very nice painting!!! They look a very wild bunch!!

  4. Never saw these the other night, though I must admit they're a great looking team mate.

  5. Thanks guys. No-ones suggested the gore is too much, so I'm quite chuffed. Looks like I did manage to avoid overdoing it after all.

  6. The gore is perfect - I usually overdo mine but the Lad loves it! I love the muted colours too.

    I have taken to putting a gloss finish on my armour sections these days, and am really happy with the results.

  7. Thanks Paul. I usually use a gloss varnish before applying matt on top. I'll need to try out leaving the gloss on the plates as you suggest.