Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zombies Test Batch

Yesterday was just a half day, mostly spent assembling miniatures and looking through 100 or so new Vallejo and Tamiya paints, working out which shades work well with what. Now I really have to sit down and make myself a proper colour chart for the paints I have available.

However, here's a shot of the first six zombies painted up as a test run, painted to specifications. They're supposed to look like zombies that have been around for a while rather than fresh ones. I'm not too happy with how these turned out. Using a Devlan mud wash seems to have drowned out many of the highlights. I have a few ideas on how to improve the look for the main batch, including abandoning the wash altogether (although every zombie painting guide I've ever seen recommends using it) and sticking to traditional highlighting methods instead. Even simply adding another level of highlights would do the trick. But that's the whole point of painting a test batch. They give the customer time to make tweaks to the painting specs they give me -or to give me the go-ahead if they're happy with the results using the specs provided.

Below we have the pre-undercoated, pre-cleaning shot of the remaining 24. As you can see, the bases have been sculpted with milliput rather than my usual blend of green stuff and milliput (the milliput makes the green stuff easier to handle. In turn, the green stuff prevents the milliput from crumbling).The crumbling effect of the milliput helps make the paving stones look like they're old or badly maintained, in keeping with the post-outbreak theme. The gaps in some of the bases in the front row represent the edge of the pavement and the beginning of the road surface. You might not be able to see it in these photographs, but the kerbs have been carved with a small, thin bladed dental tool.
These zombies are actually for use with the ATZ (All Thing's Zombie) Skirmish game. Normally, ATZ zombies are mounted on circular bases. However, the type of base used has little to no bearing on the actual game-play, as long as each Z is individually based. The square-based zombies make it easier for the players to discern at a glance which of the figures are zombies and which are human. Square bases also allow the figures to be massed together in a mob more effectively than circular bases, making the whole effect look far more menacing.

No pictures tomorrow. Today is my full day-off this week so there's not likely to be anything to photograph. What am I going to do after five and a half days painting mini's for other people? Spend time with the missus and paint some mini's for me!


  1. Nice painting, I like the the grey skin, it looks decidedly horrible!!

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I really wasn't too sure about those zombies.

  3. I use grey skin on mine as well. It looks pretty good mate.

    Like how you have doone the bases

  4. Very nice. And I love the detailed bases.