Sunday, 19 February 2012

School Kid Survivors.

Yesterday was a half-day, so I finished off the school-kid survivors (with one teeny exception which I'll cover later) and assembling the Forged in Battle and Flames of War WWII tanks for a customer. Let me tell you, the resin parts on the Forged in Battle tanks were flawless, apart from the usual powder residue that washes off easily with a little soap and water. But the metal parts? So much flash it was heard to tell where the gun barrels ended and the flash began! One of the metal turret parts was so badly moulded I actually had to pull it back into shape with a pair or blunt pliers to make it fit! That said, the miniatures themselves look pretty darn good when all the cleaning and maintenance was over with. But the cleaning stage took so long that the miniatures won't be base-coated now until Monday.

Anyway, on to the kiddies:
 I gave the kids Green blazers rather than the red I'd originally been considering. Partly because I've painted an awful lot of red recently but mostly because the kids at the local Public School (that's a Private School for those of you in the States. Confusing, I know) wear green blazers. That little black bit in front of the kid swinging the crowbar isn't an omission. It's the mostly-finished I was referring to earlier. I'm waiting on a (roughly) 25mm golfer figure arriving in the post so I can cut-off the golf-ball and place it on top of the soon-to-be-painted black thing. You see, I kinda had a revelation about these kids when I was painting them: They aren't fighting zombies. They're doing chores and playing games.
The one on the far left is chopping wood into kindling with his parang. The little girl with the bin-lid and bat is scaring crows away from the crop. Crow-bar boy is playing golf and the Molotov girl is burning out mutant ant-hives. See?


  1. In one of Fran's zombie games, the little girl with the dustbin lid kicked arse big time!! Excellent painting by the way!!

    1. Yeah, she has that mean look about her. She could be a stand in for that kid from Kick Ass.

  2. Those kids are great. I like your backstory for them.

  3. Looking good mate. Sorry to hear that the panzer 3's were giving you a bit of hassle.

  4. Cheers Adam, but don't worry about the Panzers. Getting bits of lead to fit together is what I do.