Monday, 6 February 2012

What do a WWII Tommy, Crusader Norman and Fallout Vault Security Team have in common?

As promised, the painted mini's from yesterday. I think my photographer really likes the WWII figure I painted for advertising purposes in Static, my Flagship Game Store. Why do I say that? Well, she took an awful lot of pictures...

So here we are: your basic WWII British Tommy with a Bren. I'm very happy with how these photographs turned out -especially given that the fog outside was mucking up our natural light. In fact, that top picture is probably the first picture we've had where you can see every level of highlight on the miniature.

Next, a single, solitary Norman knight. Again painted to tabletop standard for advertising in Static Games. I'll also be using a wizard and a (converted) Space Marine captain I painted just before starting the blog.
Last up we have the 15mm vault Dwellers for my Fallout-themed Tomorrow's War scenario tomorrow night, a fire-team of Vault 13 security personnel. The leader's the one who's lost his hat. This was just the test batch. I'll paint up another bunch -including some children who've escaped from the vault and gotten themselves into bother- later today.

That's it for now. I've got those miniatures to deliver to static. After that I've got the luxury of two free working days with nothing to paint for anyone but me -I won't be able to do any more work on the Romans until Wednesday. Just to give the Quickshade time to dry before applying two or three layers of highlighting and painting, drybrushing and washing all the metal parts.


  1. Wow, beautiful job on all of these. The Tommy is especially nice. Very crisp detail, the straps on the canteen are perfect.

  2. Thanks Lucky Joe. I'm very proud of how he turned out. All the more so because the camera was able to capture the detail perfectly this time. Normally that last layer of highlight is lost in the photographs.

  3. Nice detail on those especially the vault dwellers, are they Rebel Minis?

  4. Thanks Fran. Those ones are Ground Zero Games Figures from the Civlians, Colonists and Cops line. They're from a mixture of armed colonists and colonial security packs.


  5. Very nice! I plan on painting mine as vault dwellers too.

  6. Good stuff. I really like PA settings so the more the merrier. Those GZG cvilian mini's are great arn't they? Good for civilians for anything from ATZ all the way up to Traveller.